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Ooze is a Digital Payment solution that allows consumers to handle all their digital prepaid payment solutions such as airtime and BPC Electricity purchases online through one single device. It is a Safe convenient and effortless way to purchase from the comfort of your own space. You can Ooze Anytime... Anywhere...

Ooze is convenient and Hassle free.

Customers can purchase their prepaid services such as Airtime or Electricty by simply entering the Cell Phone Number or electricity meter No/Account number and the amount of units required.

Units will be transfered directly into your cellphone account and  the network will send and SMS to confirm the top up.

No need to print pin numbers. No need to enter those pin numbers into the phone to recharge. Its all done automatically.

Ooze is FREE to use and there are no transaction charges.

Simple, Safe, Convenient, available 24/7/365. Customers can pay online without having to leave the comfort of their space and can quickly complete the purchase without having to drop what ever they are doing. Unlike similar Apps,  there are no transactional charges when purchasing through Ooze. you only pay for what you buy.

Airtime purchases through Ooze qualify for recharge promotions under the same conditions  that apply to all other channels of purchase. Detailed terms and conditions of the recharge promotions are communicated by networks before and during the promotion.

There is no need to buy any special machine and/or sim card. Ooze can be used from any device such as a Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer and is not dependent on any special sim card
You can use your existing device to use Ooze and save on the cost of having to buy a special machine. 

Any Smartphone, Tablet or computer can be used.

Yes. Internet access through Wi-Fi or mobile data is required. Either way, Ooze consumes very little data.

Orange customers can access Ooze for free. Even if Orange customers have data, Ooze will not use the data except when making payment for the purchases through the bank's secure payment gateway.

Other network users, who are not on Wi-Fi will require data, though Ooze uses vey little data.

Online purchases can be paid by using a Debit Card or Credit Card.

Ooze does not have any fixed amounts.

Customers can Buy any amounts from P2.00 upwards, including Thebes.

Customers can even choose to buy airtime instead of getting their change and having to carry those coins.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express (Amex) cards are accepted methods of payment. Payment Via Orange Money, My Zaka and Smega will be available soon

Online Payments by Debit or Credit cards are extremely safe . Payments are NOT processed on the Ooze platform and no Credit/Debit Card details are stored on Ooze.

Instead, payments are processed on the Bank's Secured Payment Gateway using a 2-step verification as set up by customers bank.  When paying online, user will be directed to the banking online payment gateway which is fully secure . Ooze does not record or keep any of your banking details.

Payments are not processed on the Ooze platform. When paying online, user will be directed to the online payment gateway which is fully secure and has a 2 step verification as set up by customers bank. Ooze does not record any of your banking details.

Yes, you can apply from our website to become a Vendor, or click here

Registered vendors earn commissions whenever a sale is completed. Each and every transaction earns commission which is accumulated in a commission wallet. Commission earned is transferred to your Ooze sellable account and can be used to sell more.

If  you are already in the business, or are interested in starting the business of selling prepaid airtime and electricity, you can apply to become a vendor on our website’s “Become a Vendor” link.

For Airtime, confirmation is sent by SMS directly to you through your network. If you are buying through an Ooze Vendor, the vendor will also receive confirmation on their device.

There is no Daily Limit but there is a transaction limit. Mascom Airtime range starts from P1.00 to P1,000.00 Orange Airtime is from P2.00 to P500.00

When you register online, you can add Cell numbers or meter numbers for friends and family of your choice under your profile. These can be added at the time of registration or later on. These details will be stored in the system and can be used to purchase for  everyone in the profile. The numbers in your profile can be edited or deleted anytime by the registered user.
You can also make a once off purchase without having to add or save a specific number to the profile.

There are no limitations to the number of daily transactions.

Technical support is only available remotely, if required. It is not required at user or vendor level.

BTC is in the process of upgrading their system to make it possible for consumers to purchase Pinless airtime. As soon as they complete their  system upgrades and roll out Pinless Airtime, Ooze will be the first to make BTC Mobile airtime available for consumers and venders.